BW Gottschee Club Dues and Fees
2012-13 Seasonal Year

BW Gottschee is the most reasonably-priced Elite soccer clubs in the Tri-State area. The cost relating to being a member of the BW Gottschee club consists of the following: Registration fee (which covers the club’s operating expenses), 2) Uniform costs, 3) Fundraising and Events and 4) Expenses and Fees relating to team-specific Tournament and Travel costs (Individual team operating expenses). 

1. Registration Fee

For the 2012-13 seasonal year, the per player club dues -- which include costs for indoor and outdoor facility rentals; primary league fees & insurance, state cup fees, field maintenance, supplies and general operating and administrative expenses

All Club Teams: $750, payable 1/2 ($375) upon registration with a second installment ($375) due February 1


2.  Uniforms

$150 Ordered directly through Eurosport –Uniform includes -Two pairs of shorts, two pairs of jerseys, two pairs of socks (warm-up. back pack bag. Practice shirts are an additional cost).

Uniform questions can be directed to Miguel Brunengo at


3. Fundraising and Events 

Each player is responsible to sell one journal ad ($100) for our annual dance to be held on November 3th and also $100 in sponsorship for our soccer marathon to be held on June 16th & 17th. If you don’t sell, you are still responsible to pay these costs.

Upcoming Event Dates

Soccer Marathon June 16th & 17th

Annual Dinner Dance  November 3th

Kids Christmas Party  December 8th


4. Tournament, Additional Leagues & Travel Related Fees:

Costs relating to travel (such as overnight hotel stays, etc.) and tournament entry fees are in ADDITION to the registration fee and the responsibility of the team. The amount of travel done and tournaments entered depends on the age of the teams.

Any questions on the dues and fees should be directed to, Ben Boehm, at 718-268-3713

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