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Charlie Demarco: BWG's Exceptional Goalkeeper Set to Shine at MLS NEXT All-Star Game

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Thu Jul 13 2023

Blau Weiss Gottschee is thrilled to announce that our exceptional academy goalkeeper, Charlie Demarco, has achieved a remarkable milestone in his young career. Demarco has been selected to represent our club as one of the standout players in the MLS NEXT All-Star Game sponsored by Allstate. This prestigious event will take place on Wednesday, July 19, just before the highly anticipated MLS All-Star Game against Arsenal. Demarco's participation, one of only four non-MLS club selections for this event, not only includes playing in the exciting East vs. West MLS NEXT game but also entails engaging in all the captivating MLS All-Star Week activities, including team training, the All-Star Skills Challenge presented by AT&T 5G on July 18, and the MLS All-Star Game on July 19.

Charlie Demarco making a save

Within the ranks of Blau Weiss Gottschee, Charlie Demarco's journey as a goalkeeper began with undeniable promise. Displaying exceptional skills, unwavering dedication, and a natural aptitude for the position, Demarco quickly emerged as a standout player in our club's youth program. His ability to command the goal, make acrobatic saves, and exhibit remarkable composure under pressure caught the attention of both coaches and teammates.

Charlie Demarco's selection for the MLS NEXT All-Star Game is a testament to his exceptional talent and relentless commitment to honing his goalkeeping skills. As one of only four chosen players from non-MLS club youth teams, Demarco's selection highlights his extraordinary abilities and the recognition he has garnered through consistent stellar performances. This opportunity provides him with an unparalleled platform to showcase his goalkeeping prowess to influential scouts, coaches, and avid soccer fans.

Georgetown Commit Charlie Demarco

In addition to the MLS NEXT All-Star Game, Charlie Demarco will actively engage in the thrilling MLS All-Star Week activities. From team training sessions to the highly anticipated All-Star Skills Challenge on July 18, Demarco will be at the heart of the action. Finally, on July 19, he will enjoy the main event—the MLS All-Star Game, where he will witness the clash between the top MLS talents and renowned English Premier League club Arsenal.

Blau Weiss Gottschee Soccer Club couldn't be prouder of Charlie Demarco's extraordinary achievement. His selection for the MLS NEXT All-Star Game and involvement in MLS All-Star Week reflect the club's commitment to nurturing exceptional talent. Demarco's accomplishments serve as a powerful inspiration for our current and aspiring goalkeepers, highlighting the possibilities that lie ahead through hard work, determination, and access to remarkable opportunities.

Charlie DeMarco MLS Next All Star

Participating in the MLS NEXT All-Star Game and MLS All-Star Week elevates Charlie Demarco's future prospects in the soccer world. Already being called up to the U-23 Venezuelan National Team camp back in June for the Maurice Revello tournament in France and having committed to Georgetown University on a full scholarship, it seems the sky is the limit for Charlie. His performance in front of influential scouts and coaches, combined with the exposure gained from this high-profile event, could potentially open doors to professional opportunities, and even potential future involvement with MLS clubs.

Charlie Demarco with the Venezuelan U-23 team

Charlie Demarco's selection as Blau Weiss Gottschee's representative at the MLS NEXT All-Star Game is a momentous occasion for both him and our club. As a remarkable goalkeeper, Demarco's journey showcases the dedication and excellence fostered within our youth program. His participation in the MLS NEXT game and MLS All-Star Week activities signifies the immense pride we take in our players' development. We eagerly anticipate witnessing Demarco's remarkable goalkeeping skills shine on the grand stage, and we are confident that his exceptional talent will continue to inspire aspiring young goalkeepers to pursue their dreams within the beautiful game of soccer.

Charlie Demarco selected for MLS NEXT All-Star Game